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2022 BHCA State of the School Address

2022-2023 Board

President: Becky Zuniga

Becky Zuniga is wife to Eddie, mom to many, and the director of the kids’ program at her church.  God has been using her gentle wisdom and discernment on the BHCA board since 2014.  As a mom of current students, a board member, and a former BHCA teacher, Becky brings unique and valuable insight and experience.  Becky currently serves as the president of the board.

Vice-President: David O’Bryan

David O’Bryan is husband to Meghan, dad of 2 fantastic sons, and a former police officer and teacher who has been contributing a wide variety of wisdom and expertise to the BHCA board since 2019.  David’s areas of interest include security, financial independence and longevity, and academic excellence.  He currently serves as vice-president of the board.

Treasurer: Josh Horak

Josh Horak is married to Marcy, the dad of an amazing son, and the president of a local bank.  2021 began Josh’s second time serving on the BHCA board.  Josh has a heart for Christian education and is thorough to lead the board to wise choices and fiscal responsibility. 

Secretary: Danielle Ranek

Danielle Ranek is married to Josh, the mom of 4 amazing children, and a former nurse who directs her passion for Jesus and His people by serving on the BHCA school board.  A board member since 2017, Danielle currently serves as secretary and encourages the board toward intentionality in decision making.

Member at Large: Kelsie Darling

Kelsie Darling is wife to Shawn, mom of 3 awesome children, and a business owner heavily involved in the Spearfish small business community.  She joined the board in 2020 at God’s lead, with intentions to combine her business savvy with her commitment to Christian education.

Member at Large: Talia Gasbarre

Talia Gasbarre, a former nurse, is married to Chris and is the mother of 3 incredible children.  With God’s prompting she joined the board in 2020.  She uses her servant heart to serve the school in various ways, jumping in wherever needed, and is coordinating the BHCA prayer team.

Member at Large: Sarah Anderson

Sarah joined the BHCA board in 2022. She is married to Scott, mom of 3 adventurous children, and a program coordinator in natural resource conservation.  With an eye for detail, Sarah’s additions to the board include intentionality and a love for the role a Christian school plays in supporting the family unit.

The BHCA school board meets at the school on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm.

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